When is this year’s challenge?

Friday 4th October to Sunday 6th October 2024

Bookings have opened! Go to 2024 Competition to find out how you can enter!


All of the events will be based around the site area, which will only require support teams to run your campsite, the events that form part of the challenge are a selection of:

  • Hiking
  • Archery
  • Air Rifle Shooting
  • First Aid
  • Muddy Funster
  • Camp Challenge
  • Water Activity


The Challenge will be for Teams of 4, and all team members should be in one of the three age categories below: Teams of 3 can take part for the experience but will not be part of the competition.

Scouts and Guides

Junior Scouts – 10.5 yrs to 12 yrs

Senior Scouts – 12 yrs to 14.5 yrs

Find out more about these age categories by clicking HERE

Explorers, Young Leaders and Rangers

14 yrs – 18 yrs

Find out more about this age category by clicking HERE


The Beavan Challenge can be entered by Scouts, Guides, Explorers, Young Leaders and Rangers from across the United Kingdom. Although we are operated by West Wirral Scout District on behalf of Merseyside Scout County it does not exclude groups entering from other counties within the UK and recognised Scout or Guide Groups from abroad.


The Beavan Challenge is held at Merseyside County campsite, Tawd Vale Adventure Centre.

The Address of the Campsite is:

Tawd Vale Adventure Centre

Lowry Hill Lane



L40 5UL


In the interest of safety, any teams who are not correctly equipped for the Hike will be withdrawn. The organisers cannot supply equipment if yours is missing or inadequate. All competitors MUST be able to read an OS Map and use a compass.

No competitors need certificates or qualifications to take part in the canoeing event however we do ask that they have been in a canoe before and that they are able to paddle, as no instruction is given by our water activity leaders. Should our leader in charge on the water or waterside feel that a member of a team is not competent then at their discretion they can remove a single competitor leaving your team short of they can remove the whole team. Safety is of paramount importance. 

An Information Booklet giving full rules & details of requirements for each event will be sent to you upon receipt of your completed Entry Form and full Entry Fees (by cheque or BACS please).

If you require any further information prior to entry, then please contact us